Wednesday, January 30, 2008


January is almost over and as usual the Sines family has been busy! I don't think there was one free day on the calendar! Here's a review of what we have been up to....

New Year's Eve:
We started out the new year with a quiet family "pig out". We dined on nothing but appetizers and watched movies all night. Menu: chicken wings, bread and spinach dip, and nachos supreme. Yum!!

Tim Turns 35!!
January 4th marked Tim's 35th birthday!!! We made it a hockey weekend for Dad. Friday night the boys spent the night with Grandma and Grandpa Patrick while Sarah and Tim went out with some of Tim's co-workers to a Roughrider hockey game. Saturday night we celebrated as a family by going to yet another hockey game. For an added bonus Sponge Bob was there!!

Scrapbook Closet:
After lots and lots of nagging, Sarah finally has a place to store and work on her scrapbooking! With the help of Sarah's dad and Adam, Tim transformed a spare closet into "Scrapbooking World" (as Dylan calls it). You can find Sarah tucked away in her closet every night working away.

Ice Skating Lessons:
Dylan started ice skating lessons this month! He's doing a great job. There are 5 other little boys in his class that meets every Saturday morning at the ice arena. Soon he'll be skating circles around Adam!

Baby Shower:
Last weekend Sarah and her mom threw her sister, Jenny, a baby shower. Soon little baby Zach will be here and Sarah will be "Aunt Sarah"!!! Hopefully we will have pictures to post soon!!!

Other events this month:
  • Outback Steakhouse for Mom's Night Out!
  • Ideal Computer Systems Holiday party at the Longbranch Hotel.
  • Adam signed up for another session of instructional hockey.
  • Tim travels to Texas for a business trip--quick visit with college roommate Bryan before returning home tomorrow (31st).
I'm sure next month will be full of more family fun. Make sure to check back for future updates!

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Anonymous said...

The closet looks great. I didn't realize how "bright" you and Jenny were at the shower. The dorky picture of Dylan is now our screen saver. Grandpa loves that picture.