Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from the Sines Family!!!! Time escaped us during the mad rush of the Christmas season, so we did not get our Christmas cards out as planned. Since Christmas cards always provide a great opportunity to stay in touch with friends and family that we don't see very often we were really disappointed. We decided to create this blog instead! This way we can show everyone what we have been up to and update it as needed. Bookmark this page and check back--hopefully we will update it monthly or when we have news to announce. Leave us a message! Enjoy!

2007 Update:

DylanDylan and one of his creations!

Dylan continues to grow and grow! It won't be long before this "baby" in the family will be eye to eye with his big brother. As usual, Dylan continues to be very entertaining with his witty comments and craziness. This fall Dylan started to learn to read! He is doing great and cannot wait to turn 5 in May so he can go to Kindergarten. Dylan enjoys being home with Mommy and the daycare (although he did tell us he has a "mean teacher named Sarah" who "puts people in timeout"). He has a vivid imagination and loves to build and create things.

A new bike!

A REAL hockey player!

2007 has been a big year for Adam. This fall he started 1st grade. He continues to love school and excels in all areas. He has even started to correct his own parents at times!! Because of Adam we have become very busy. This fall he joined the Cub Scouts. Daddy has volunteered as the Assistant Den Leader and together they enjoy fun outings in the community. I think Dad enjoys the popcorn the best! Adam's biggest excitement of the year has been signing up for Instructional Hockey at the Cedar Rapids Ice Arena. After 4 years of rolling around on his plastic spiderman skates--he is now a REAL hockey player! He can't wait for Thursday and Saturday mornings to get out on the ice.

Tiger Cub

SarahSarah at Navy Pier in Chicago

Sarah has also had a very busy year. "A Place to Grow Childcare" continues to be very successful. She regularly receives phone calls from families who have heard through the grapevine about the childcare and are looking for a open spot. Although the job can be very exhausting, she enjoys teaching the children and providing quality childcare for families. This past year Sarah embarked on another endeavor by becoming an Independent MemoryWorks Consultant. After a short break from scrapbooking she has dived right back into things. You can check out her creations on her scrapbooking blog-- Sarah's Spot Sarah also continues to put together a monthly Mom's Night Out where she gets to dine monthly without kids (or a husband!).
A Place to Grow Childcare Christmas Party.

Tim and his bbq on vacation on MN.

This was Tim's first full year with his new job at Ideal Computer Systems. The new job has given him the opportunity to travel a little this past year including trips to Idaho, South Carolina, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania. He enjoys sampling the best local cuisine America has to offer--including poisoned Sesame Chicken in Idaho! Tim's BBQ and brewing are both going well, although.....we did experience a large fire on the deck caused by the smoker. It was quite a sight to see Tim battle the blaze in his underwear before the fire trucks arrived. Luckily, the fire was contained to the deck and did no damage to the house. During September Tim took on the huge task of remodeling the bathroom. After many phone calls to his carpenter brother, the end product looks great!
A new shed!

Other events this past year:A trip to Milwaukee to visit Sarah's Aunt Sandy & Uncle Lamar.

A weekend trip to Chicago without the kids!

Week long vacation in MN with the Ballou family.

Long weekend camping trip at Sugarbottom Campground in Coralville.

Patrick family reunion in Iowa Falls that Sarah and her sister organized.


mdavidb said...

Fire on the DECK! Nice Timmy. Where are the pics of THAT?!? Nice to see you guys. Come out to Arizona!

Happy New Year!!


Anne said...

Way to go Sarah, I loved your card, but the blog is so much fun.. Where are the pics of the underwear fireman? You did take some didn't you? Very funny, glad nobody was hurt! Busy family!

Aunt Sandy said...

I liked your pictures - except the one of me! This is a nice way to keep in touch.

Schmitz said...

Happy New Year Sines family. Glad to hear that your keepin it real with the brewing. I dont get to see you enough. Love the Blog! Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

It was funny to read Sines Sines everywhere a Sines, That is what it said under my senior picture in my yearbook.

Mama Sines (the old one)